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number one mens accessory

This week we decided to explore the number 1 mens accessory. Men commonly accessorise their suits with a tie, pocket square, cufflinks and socks. If you had to pick one accessory of the four to wear forever, whilst leaving the rest behind – which would you pick?

Everybody Wears Socks

Surely everybody would pick socks because everybody wears socks, right? Not really. Not all guys like to wear anything other than black socks. In that instance, its hard to view the socks as an accessory but simply a functional (comfort and covering of the feet and ankles) piece of clothing. The tie is another very popular option, but even the corporate guys are starting to wear ties less and less. So that leaves the question, what is the number 1 mens accessory?


Morts & More Moment

In this edition of Morts & More Moment we discuss the number 1 mens accessory for a bit of trivial fun. Let us know what you think.




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