“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” – Maya Angelou


What’s Your Possible?

We represent what is possible. Two friends from South London, embarking on a quest to become the greatest luxury brand created. Growing up, tailoring was reserved for a select few, but since 2011 Morts & More has been working hard to change that narrative. Some would say it was impossible to own a business or embark in tailoring, especially coming from where we’re from. Now with Morts & More, it is a reality. We represent what is possible. What is your possible?

When you shop for your bespoke clothing it should be a fun, expressive and an enjoyable process. So we decided to bring a fresh and energetic tailoring experience to a new audience, offering quality, exceptional value and bold style.

If you have a passion for dressing well and strong sense of style like us, Morts & More is for you. From friends at college to both ending up in jobs wearing suits every day, but being disappointed to find that every quality option was out of our reach and the made-to measure suits that we could attain were limiting. We decided to do something about it.


Sena Mortoo and Joshua Umoren


Since 2011 we have been sourcing the best fabric, finest tailors and creating from scratch, perfectly fitted and designed suits and shirts, bespoke to our clients’ needs. We aim for you to experience a truly bespoke service. Our work has given Men and Women confidence to conquer their environments all over the world.

Morts & More are the go to tailor for those that make their impossible possible. Those that want to experience their tailoring, rather than simply wearing. For those that have the confidence to rise up and answer the question – What’s Your Possible?