There’s nothing worse than wearing an ill-fitting suit. Aside from confidence, the suit is the best thing a man can wear, but even a quality suit will look bad if it doesn’t fit. Below are some of our style suggestions for suits that we can replicate for you to your measurements or create in another fabric with different details.

Tailored Suit for £1095



At Morts & More we like giving our customers the creativity to create a look they desire while advising on style choices, as such even our shirts are custom made to your sizes and specifications, from fabric to monogrammed cuffs. For your shirting  needs please contact us to discuss options and to arrange a consultation.

Tailored Shirt for £120



Style vs function. Why not have both? At Morts & More, you can. With the winter chills, it’s essential to keep warm and as you’re here reading this now, we’re certain you’re the type of person that likes to look good too. Our overcoat range has been designed specifically with you in mind. Exclusive designs, mixed with high quality fabrics to glide over your Morts & More tailored suit like a glove, whilst keeping you warm.

Made to order in standard sizes or tailor made. Affordable couture without compromising on style, quality or function.

Tailored Overcoat for £745



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"Career advisers and numerous people in the profession told me that I would never be able to make it. My journey to the Bar was very difficult. It's a competitive global marketplace, which places an emphasis on excellent academic achievement. Moreover, it was evident to me from early on that my social and academic background was the polar opposite of the private school and Oxbridge-educated tradition of the Bar. One of my biggest issues was - and is - confidence. People from working class backgrounds have a confidence barrier - or, certainly I did. They don't think certain opportunities are for them so they eliminate themselves. I feel this stems from the soft bigotry of low expectations that stems from educational institutions even prior to university: you can go to a Russell Group university, but you haven't necessarily been to a secondary school that encourages you to change the world, so you're not going to have those aspirations unless you have a good support base at home to push you forward. I think that needs to be the focal point that starts at a much younger age in schools - people are in university or in jobs based on the paradigms they created when they were younger. Knowing the importance of those initial steps is one of the reasons why I have been so keen to give back to the community that fostered me, nurturing a new generation from "non-traditional" backgrounds. I founded @urbanlawyers , is a registered charity that works to makes the law (in its academic, practical and career contexts) more accessible to marginalised groups in society. Urban lawyers is currently run by a committee of young diverse legal professionals practising as barristers and solicitors in firms across the country. Our main passion is to provide inspiration and education to all who have or will come into contact with the legal profession. Through our work we allow students to discover the legal profession in a way they may not otherwise be able to. #IamTheBar "


Easy 4-step process

At Morts & More we’ve made the process of blank canvas to style icon very simple:
  1. Book a consultation with us
  2. Your suit is designed with the help of a trained consultant and your measurements are taken
  3. Once your order is produced we will arrange a fitting*
  4. Take your finished item

*May require a 2nd fitting


We are based in an exclusive members club Central London and arrange consultations by appointment only, Monday to Friday in or out of hours. Just let us know your requirements and we will tailor to your needs.

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