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Welcome, connoisseurs of fine style, to the illustrious realm of Morts & More footwear. This is where sartorial dreams are realized and sophistication takes center stage. Our curated selection of shoes isn’t just a category – it’s an embodiment of elegance, meticulously designed to harmonize tradition with the contemporary.

Polishing stage.

Here at Morts & More, shoes aren’t mere accessories; they’re the exclamation mark to your ensemble, the punctuation that defines your presence. We’ve poured our passion for detail and devotion to excellence into crafting an array of shoes that align seamlessly with your unique persona.

Old School: cutting shoe patterns by hand

Picture this: a spectrum of styles, each designed to make your journey extraordinary. Whether you’re embracing the classic charm of our formal shoes or embracing the fusion of comfort and flair in our casual range, you’ll find your ideal match within our hallowed collection.

Artisan Work Details

Our shoes are more than the sum of their parts; they’re a symphony of heritage and innovation. Impeccable craftsmanship meets the finest materials, culminating in footwear that’s a testament to your discerning taste. Every stitch, every texture, every contour – all conspiring to create a pair that’s a true work of art.

Hand Punch Brogueing / artisan process / made to order

Yet, our shoes stand tall as the pinnacle of our expertise. From the sumptuous embrace of black box calf leather to the daring statement of the Double Monk Strap Shoe, these are the epitome of Morts & More’s commitment to magnificence.

Artisan Goodyear Welt Production

So, step into a realm where shoes are more than a necessity – they’re an extension of your narrative, a language of style that speaks volumes without saying a word. Embark on a journey through our shoe collection, where craftsmanship dances with comfort and elegance meets innovation. Your stride – nay, your existence – will never be the same.