Its your wedding day, YOUR big day! This is when all your friends and family focus in on you and notice every detail. What better way to compliment the most beautiful woman in the room by a high quality bespoke wedding suit.   Bayo 18
  A tailored suit will announce you as you walk in the room without anyone having to utter a word. What a way to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in your life. Fabric is first and major aspect of your suit. So pick your own. Wool comes highly recommended, great style, natural, and breathes well. The quality of the fabric greatly dictates the quality, look, and feel of the whole suit, so choose wisely. Different fabrics come with different textures and patterns, so not every black is black. Its your wedding day, a once in a lifetime occasion (we hope), so pick a fabric that doesn’t scream the roof off but stands out from the crowd, and says ‘this is my day’  
  There is nothing better than having an amazing fabric, cut and shaped to your body. Not only will you look amazing, you will feel amazing. The fit of your custom suit is everything, that’s the one thing people will notice from a mile away. Fabric, cut, single breasted, double-breasted, lapels, buttons, stitching, lining. All these features combine to produce a truly bespoke and unique representation of the man it adorns. It’s your wedding day, go big, go bespoke. To make you wedding day reach its greatest potential, click here to book a consultation with us.   @mortsandmore   When it comes to your wedding day we at Morts & More understand just how important getting your desired look is to you. Having worked with many grooms (and their brides) we have the necessary experience needed to advise you on styles and looks that would be best suited for your big day. For a bespoke wedding package please contact us here to arrange a consultation or to discuss options.