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What To Wear To An Interview

What to wear to an Interview

With our years of experience in tailoring suits to men across London and the UK, we’ve become specialists in making sure the way you dress gives you the ultimate first impression for an interview. In this edition of Morts & More Moment, we address how a gent should dress if he wants to succeed at his interview.

Recruitment: The First Impression Evolution


Recruitment:┬áThe evolution of the first impression Recruitment, First Impressions and┬áProfessional Online Network Thanks to modern technology, when it comes to recruitment, first impressions are no longer what they used to be. Before the internet, when you met a recruiter at an interview, it was almost certain to be the first time they had seen you. […]

Progress Vs Perfection

“Failure works well as an instigator for progress”. Apple are a great company; earlier this year they became the most profitable company in history (Just to put it into context). They very openly declare their quest for perfection and yet they always release a new improved version of their products.