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Accessories can make or break a suit. Any outfit at that. At Morts & More every single one of our patrons can be considered style conscious, so ‘break’ is not an option.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for him or her, a treat for yourself, or a piece to supplement your stylish wardrobe, this is the first place to start.

Unique Gift For Him – Morts & More Cufflinks

Unique Gift For Him

A Unique gift for him is always a tricky thing to find. Thats why we created these cufflinks. Not just for gifting in all honesty but as unique compliment to any mans suit. The signature ‘scissorman’ cufflinks are one of our most popular accessories. You can not deny what a great pair of stylish cufflinks […]

Galoshes – Men’s Overshoes | Morts & More

If you live in London or anywhere else with comparable weather, then you’ll be accustom to the destruction of leather soled shoes by the environment. The mixture of rain and salt on the pavement creates the kryptonite for even the most superior crafted shoes. A long term solution has always been to wear shoes with […]

Men’s Suspenders & Braces


In our last post we touched on Collar Pins (Collar Bars), so in sticking with the old school vibe, we touch on mens suspenders (braces). More common than the collar pin yet still not a regular feature in most men’s wardrobes. The male suspender first came around in 1820 when men typically wore high waisted […]

The Collar Pin (Collar Bar) Episode

collar pin

A collar pin (collar bar) is an acquired taste. It gives off so many old school vibes. Think Wall Street in the 80’s or distinguished gentleman in London (in any era). I would describe a collar pin (collar bar) as more decorative, than functional. It provides a nice neat aesthetic by pulling everything together. It […]

Wedding Belt? Would you wear one?

Wedding belt

We made posts and videos in the past that have discussed belts with suits, but this time we’re specifically targeting the wedding belt. Have you ever gone to a wedding, seen the groom dressed sharply in his suit, only to set your eyes on a big shiny belt buckle? Now we’re all for individual style […]

What Watch Shall I Buy? Part 1 | Xupes Dress Watches

When it comes to watches, the choice is immense. No one would blame you for opting for the more popular brand names that you see on tv, without understanding the (watch’s) attributes. I’ve never personally been a ‘watch guy’ (guy who has an extensive collection of watches for various occasions). That doesn’t mean I don’t […]

Lapel Pin Etiquette

lapel pin etiquette

Lapel Pin Etiquette? What? That’s probably what a lot you regular readers are asking especially considering you haven’t read anything here from us in a while. We’re sorry. We took an impromptu hiatus from the regular blog uploads to give you guys time to digest all of the previous gems of knowledge we’ve dropped onto […]

Mens Accessories – Matching Metals & Leathers For Men

mens accessories

We had someone write in to us to ask for some advice regarding mens accessories and jewellery. His request came in the form of a 2-part question; Firstly he asked if all the metals had to match. He goes on to give the example if he’s wearing a silver belt buckle, should it match his […]