Lapel Pin Etiquette

lapel pin etiquette

Lapel Pin Etiquette? What? That’s probably what a lot you regular readers are asking especially considering you haven’t read anything here from us in a while. We’re sorry. We took an impromptu hiatus from the regular blog uploads to give you guys time to digest all of the previous gems of knowledge we’ve dropped onto you [something tells me you didnt buy that official company response lol]. In all seriousness, we apologise for the lack of posts over the last month or so and will endeavour to touch base with you all more regularly. So back to…

Lapel Pin Etiquette

We had a viewer ask us why we allowed to end of the lapel pin to sit outside the front of the suit lapel rather than hidden in the back. They also wanted to know if piercing the front of the lapel was damaging the jacket fabric and if there were any rules of etiquette regarding them.

For those that are unsure of what a lapel pin (also known as Boutonniere) is, see the pics below. They’re are accessories which are attached to the lapel (usually the left – wearers side) for decorative purposes.


lapel pin


Without further ado, here is our latest Morts & More Moment discussing lapel pin etiquette. We hope you enjoy.



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3 thoughts on “Lapel Pin Etiquette

  1. Harold Moulton says:

    Thanks for the info. I practically always wear lapel pins. Love them! But I have no spin issues when I pin them on the underside of my lapel. But I try to be fashion conscience. Since I first seen your video on the pins, I have started to wear it with the pin on the outside. Thanks again. Now I have another question. For pants, cuffs or no cuffs in suit pants?

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