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The Number 1 Mens Accessory | Style Advice For The Modern Man

number one mens accessory

This week we decided to explore the number 1 mens accessory. Men commonly accessorise their suits with a tie, pocket square, cufflinks and socks. If you had to pick one accessory of the four to wear forever, whilst leaving the rest behind – which would you pick? Everybody Wears Socks Surely everybody would pick socks […]

What To Wear In Winter | Stylish Winter Tips For Men

what to wear in the Winter

I feel the weather is so cold right now it’s unbelievable. What scares me is that reports are saying it’s about to get even colder. I was born and raised in London, Ive always lived here, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now – I’m not. Tailoring is a passion of mine. […]

Beards In The Office | Male Grooming | Men’s Style Advice

Beards In The Office

What is the feeling or general thought behind beards in the office? To clarify, by work, we mean the corporate world. It is not even a question when it comes to creative workplaces and informal work spaces. It’s also not as easy to say, that it’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ type […]

Is Blue Every Mans Favourite Colour? | Men’s Style Advice

What is a mans favourite colour? It sounds like an odd question. To be fair it is an odd question. No two man are alike, they’re all different. So how could there be a common consensus about their favourite colour? However odd or not, it somehow does exist. We think it could possibly be blue. […]

Can Men Over 50 Wear Jeans? | Mens Style Advice

Over 50 wear Jeans

It sounds crazy yes. However this is truly the title and premise of this blog post. Can Men Over 50 wear jeans? When we received this question, we thought the answer was glaringly obvious. We were wrong. In other words, there is a thought piece on this particular subject.   “An Interesting Conclusion”   Our […]

Jacket Vents | Single Vents vs Double vents | Mens Style Advice

Jacket Vents

Have you ever thought about the effect you jacket vents have on your choice of suit. For many men, there isn’t a choice in the type of jacket vent they have. They just take what comes with the suit. When suits are bought RTW at a low price point, chances are the vent will be […]

American, English or Italian? | Mens Suit Cuts & Styles

American English or Italian

American, English, or Italian? Whats your preference? We can forgive you for thinking we were talking about your preference in people or food. It’s not exactly a common question. In this instance we refer to your preferred suit cut. These three have been the standout cuts over the history of suit making. We mean no […]

Neck, Body or Sleeve length | The Dilemma Of Buying A Ready To Wear Shirt

Sleeve length

If you’re like the majority of the (ready to wear) shirt buying public, then chances are you’ll have to compromise on one of the following three things. Neck size, Body fit or Sleeve length. Men are not all created equal, yet for some reason the majority of our shirts are. An educated guess would say […]

Windowpane Or Pinstripe Suits | Corporate Wear For Men

Windowpane or pinstripe

You will probably have noticed that over the last few weeks we’ve been delving into the corporate world and the effects on mens style. This post will be no different. Windowpane and Pinstripe fabrics are the topic of todays conversation. How suitable are they for the workplace?   It’s A Minefield   It’s somewhat of […]

Mens Winter Colours | Style Advice for Fashionable Men

mens winter colours

You would not be alone if you were confused as to what mens winter colours were. It is not a subject that is often spoken about. However they’re often seen and occasionally executed well. Usually the high street shops will stock clothes in certain hues, during particular seasons. Thus meaning men (on mass) will be […]