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We are Morts & More. A Tailoring service providing bespoke and made to measure suits in London. With tailoring being our main service, along with it comes a plethora of men’s styling advice.

Whatever advice you need regarding menswear and men’s style, this is the place to find it. If you can’t find it, then get in touch via the comment section or contact us page and we’ll provide you with the answers.

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Grey is described as an intermediate colour, it sits between black and white. Matching grey [...]


5 Points You Need To Know To Help Your Cuffed Trouser Immediately

Traditionally cuffed trousers were designed to protect the bottom of the trouser from wet, muddy [...]

Using your Waistcoat to Make a Style Statement

As much as we believe fashion is about creativity and freedom of expression, there is [...]


What To Wear In Winter | Stylish Winter Tips For Men

I feel the weather is so cold right now it’s unbelievable. What scares me is [...]


Beards In The Office | Male Grooming | Men’s Style Advice

What is the feeling or general thought behind beards in the office? To clarify, by [...]

Is Blue Every Mans Favourite Colour? | Men’s Style Advice

What is a mans favourite colour? It sounds like an odd question. To be fair [...]

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It sounds crazy yes. However this is truly the title and premise of this blog [...]


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American, English, or Italian? Whats your preference? We can forgive you for thinking we were [...]