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Beards In The Office

What is the feeling or general thought behind beards in the office? To clarify, by work, we mean the corporate world. It is not even a question when it comes to creative workplaces and informal work spaces. It’s also not as easy to say, that it’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ type question. However, this could very well be the answer.


Designer Beards In The Office


The corporate world has heavily favoured the clean shaven male. The sales environments were the strictest with it. This was probably around 10 years ago. Today things are slightly different. Beards have started to be accepted in certain places. In other words designer beards are in.

Its was said (about 10 years ago) that a man with a shaven face appeared more trust-worthy. How true this is, is yet to be seen. We discuss the nuances arounds beards at work in this edition of Morts & More moment. Let us know your experiences and thoughts.



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