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What is a mans favourite colour? It sounds like an odd question. To be fair it is an odd question. No two man are alike, they’re all different. So how could there be a common consensus about their favourite colour? However odd or not, it somehow does exist. We think it could possibly be blue. Everyday we sit in consultations clients, designing new suits with them.  There’s no doubt that the most popular colour choice is blue. Almost every man we’ve seen is comfortable with blue. So in conclusion, we see a lot of guys who immediately go to blue when given a plethora of choice. Is it safe to say that blue is then every mans favourite colour? For the purpose of this post, let’s assume so.


Mans favourite colour


The next question is why?


It could be because when children are young, boys are given all things blue, and girls all thinks pink. The programming from an early age may have lasting effects. Conversely it may be because blue is just an awesome colour. Fit for Kings. It’s neutrality means it can mix and blend with a multitude of other colours. Blue being the base and anything else the accompaniment. There’s a reason why blue denim is the most popular.

This trail of thought is quite interesting. It started off as an investigation into the popularity and favouritism of blue amongst men. But has gently transformed into it being the most versatile and easy to use colour. This is possibly why men find comfort and safety in blue.


Mans favourite colour


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One thought on “Is Blue Every Mans Favourite Colour? | Men’s Style Advice

  1. W says:

    Blue is my colour. After wearing a variety of colours over the last 35 years I have settled on blue. In fact, my business attire has evolved to include only blue suits (in a variety of shades and patterns) and white shirts. Adding to this obsession is, the suits and shirts are the same cut from the same designer. I’ve been told I wear it well.

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