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Men’s shoes hold a very important place in style. One of the items we wear every day for most of our day. Its therefore vital we invest into a good pair shoes. Style, Construction, Function & Comfort are all things this section will touch on.

Men’s shoes, especially greatly crafted shoes are such a joy to behold. From Kurt Geiger to Crockett & Jones, there’s something for everyone.

Did The Workplace Kill Men’s Shoes Too?

Men's Shoes

Recently we touched upon Guy Ritchie’s suit theory. Now that we’re in this thought space, can we discuss men’s shoes too? There are may men out there that rarely wear shoes socially. They predominantly wear them when at work. In most cities around the world, work is not thought of as the most favourite place […]

Men’s Footwear | How Much Should A Man Spend On Shoes?

Men's footwear

However much he can afford…Men’s footwear really should not be that difficult. It’s really that simple. Never let anyone tell you how much you should be spending (yes I know what the title of this post says). But rather cut your cloth (or leather) to your size and never act too big for your boots. […]

Galoshes – Men’s Overshoes | Morts & More

If you live in London or anywhere else with comparable weather, then you’ll be accustom to the destruction of leather soled shoes by the environment. The mixture of rain and salt on the pavement creates the kryptonite for even the most superior crafted shoes. A long term solution has always been to wear shoes with […]

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

It’s your wedding day. You’ve sourced your suit, shirt and tie but what about the Scooby Doo’s? Thats the shoes btw. In my humble opinion, wedding shoes cannot be an after thought. They have to be a well-considered accompaniment to the suit. With quite a few styles to pick from, it makes it easier to […]

Mens Square Toed Shoes

Fellas if there’s one thing that needs to be left behind in 2016, it’s square toed shoes. I’m surprised these contraptions were not banished after we graduated secondary school; and started buying clothes for ourselves. Mens Square Toed Shoes For those who wish to argue in favour of their beloved square toed shoe, here’s one […]