Did The Workplace Kill Men’s Shoes Too?

Men's Shoes
Recently we touched upon Guy Ritchie’s suit theory. Now that we’re in this thought space, can we discuss men’s shoes too?
men's shoes
There are may men out there that rarely wear shoes socially. They predominantly wear them when at work. In most cities around the world, work is not thought of as the most favourite place to be. So with that being said, there’s a reason why a lot of men do not see value in good shoes. Thus not investing in them.
men's shoes
The only other time men as a whole have had to wear shoes, was at school (unless you went to a football academy or monastery) or church. Again, two places that young men were just begging to go to. For those of you that don’t get British sarcasm, I was being SARCASTIC on that last sentence.
men's shoes

“A middle finger to the rat race”

The lack of interest from men in formal shoes, ties into our post discussing the workplace killing the suit. The joy of it has been robbed from most of us. It’s probably why men tend to be “sneaker heads” if anything. A rebellion against the prison of society and a middle finger to the rat race.
men's shoes
It’s time to reclaim it. The joy & love that is. Men’s shoes, especially greatly crafted shoes are such a joy to behold. From Kurt Geiger to Crockett & Jones, there’s something for everyone.
The more you understand the construction of a shoe, from good year welts to rubber soles, you slowly begin to gain an appreciation. At the end of the day, we spend the majority of our day wearing shoes, so why not invest in them.
mens footwear
One day Morts and More will have their very own highly crafted and quality shoe. Until then, check out these brands we recommend in our Morts & More Moment titled Shoes We Like.

The Right Attitude

men's footwear
There’s no reason men can’t be as obsessed about shoes as women are (maybe not as much though). Women have set a great example when it comes to shoes. They say women tend to judge a man by his shoes, so this should really be incentive enough.
You don’t have to be rich to enjoy your shoes, you just have to show interest in them. Look after them and invest in what you’ve got on your feet.
mens shoes

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