Men’s Style – Shoes We Like

Shoes we like

We recently released a video on discussing the art of Shoe Matching. It is something we think is so important when in comes to menswear because shoes can make or break a man’s look. In that video we touched on the elements of style and colour (in shoes). Following on from that we thought it paramount to discuss the particular shoe brands that we like. So with that being said, scroll and and check out our latest video…

Shoes We Like

For those who haven’t got their headphones to hand and are eager to find out what happens in this edition. The major points are;

  • Brands
  • Handmade vs Machine made vs Bespoke
  • £30 shoes vs £200 shoes
  • Real Leather
  • Leather soles vs Rubber soles



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2 thoughts on “Men’s Style – Shoes We Like

  1. Vincent says:

    U guys are dope and I have been getting my suit game together and watching ur videos have helped me some. I’ll be checking y’all out on Thursdays to see whats next. Your boi vinny sims in Texas

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