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How To Match Grey Trousers to other colours

Grey is described as an intermediate colour, it sits between black and white. Matching grey [...]


Using your Waistcoat to Make a Style Statement

As much as we believe fashion is about creativity and freedom of expression, there is [...]


The Wrap Waistcoat For Men

I once wore a waistcoat in one of our Morts & More Moment’s (weekly YouTube [...]

What To Wear In Winter | Stylish Winter Tips For Men

I feel the weather is so cold right now it’s unbelievable. What scares me is [...]


Getting Dressed

I was asked about what inspired the way I put my outfit together each day. [...]

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Evening Wear: The Concilium Search AGM 2018

Evening wear is a key feature of December. We all get dressed and attend dinners, [...]

Did The Workplace Kill Men’s Shoes Too?

Recently we touched upon Guy Ritchie’s suit theory. Now that we’re in this thought space, [...]

Men’s Footwear | How Much Should A Man Spend On Shoes?

However much he can afford…Men’s footwear really should not be that difficult. It’s really that [...]


Did the workplace kill the suit?

For as long as I can remember, men have always worn suits. Ok let me [...]