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The Number 1 Mens Accessory | Style Advice For The Modern Man

number one mens accessory

This week we decided to explore the number 1 mens accessory. Men commonly accessorise their suits with a tie, pocket square, cufflinks and socks. If you had to pick one accessory of the four to wear forever, whilst leaving the rest behind – which would you pick? Everybody Wears Socks Surely everybody would pick socks […]

What To Wear In Winter | Stylish Winter Tips For Men

what to wear in the Winter

I feel the weather is so cold right now it’s unbelievable. What scares me is that reports are saying it’s about to get even colder. I was born and raised in London, Ive always lived here, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now – I’m not. Tailoring is a passion of mine. […]

Evening Wear: The Concilium Search AGM 2018

evening wear

Evening wear is a key feature of December. We all get dressed and attend dinners, galas and AGMs. The Concilium Search AGM was one of the finest displays of evening wear. Morts & More were honoured to attend and witness the celebration of the years successes, and the plans for the future. We have been […]

Did The Workplace Kill Men’s Shoes Too?

Men's Shoes

Recently we touched upon Guy Ritchie’s suit theory. Now that we’re in this thought space, can we discuss men’s shoes too? There are may men out there that rarely wear shoes socially. They predominantly wear them when at work. In most cities around the world, work is not thought of as the most favourite place […]

Men’s Footwear | How Much Should A Man Spend On Shoes?

Men's footwear

However much he can afford…Men’s footwear really should not be that difficult. It’s really that simple. Never let anyone tell you how much you should be spending (yes I know what the title of this post says). But rather cut your cloth (or leather) to your size and never act too big for your boots. […]

Did the workplace kill the suit?

For as long as I can remember, men have always worn suits. Ok let me not be blasé with my opening line. Since the 17th century the suit has been a staple of the male wardrobe. However it may not have been in the form that we wear now (picture long coats and cravats). The […]

One Button Suit Jacket At Work | What To Wear To Work

A one button suit jacket is a staple in our opinion. That and the two button jacket. However its often the two button suit jacket that gets the most attention. We see it all the time when clients come in to us, looking to have a bespoke suit created. They often opt for a two […]

Unique Gift For Him – Morts & More Cufflinks

Unique Gift For Him

A Unique gift for him is always a tricky thing to find. Thats why we created these cufflinks. Not just for gifting in all honesty but as unique compliment to any mans suit. The signature ‘scissorman’ cufflinks are one of our most popular accessories. You can not deny what a great pair of stylish cufflinks […]