Evening Wear: The Concilium Search AGM 2018

evening wear

Evening wear is a key feature of December. We all get dressed and attend dinners, galas and AGMs. The Concilium Search AGM was one of the finest displays of evening wear. Morts & More were honoured to attend and witness the celebration of the years successes, and the plans for the future. We have been the official tailors to Concilium Search for the past year and a bit. They have been an absolute delight to work with and an inspiration to be around.

We created suits for a selection of the senior management. Take a look at some of the pieces below (scroll across to see all 5 pieces).



Evening Wear Breakdown


The first image is the CFO in a dinner jacket made from Dugdale iParty (Navy Jacquard). The second worn by the CEO is a single breasted shawl lapel suit in HFW Super Black wool. This fabric was very popular, as the next suit worn by a Senior Agent is a double breasted suit in HFW Super Black. The fourth, worn by a Senior Partner was a fine blend of black velvet and silk patterned lapel. The fifth suit worn by a Senior Partner is a low buttoned double-breasted tux in HFW Super Black.


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