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How To Tie A Knitted Tie – Which Knot To Use?

Knitted Tie - How To Tie A Tie

Wearing a Knitted tie is a bold statement. A simple look, yet nonetheless bold. The reason for this is due to the normality and ubiquitousness of the silk tie with menswear. From wedding to the corporate world, the silk tie is a standard staple accessory. Most men are quite simple when it comes to the […]

Did the workplace kill the suit?

For as long as I can remember, men have always worn suits. Ok let me not be blasé with my opening line. Since the 17th century the suit has been a staple of the male wardrobe. However it may not have been in the form that we wear now (picture long coats and cravats). The […]

Wide Lapel? Harvey Spector vs Mike Ross debate

Wide Lapel? Harvey Spector vs Mike Ross debate

Slim Lapels (Mike Ross) first started coming to my attention the good part of 6-7 years ago. They were pushed heavily by the hight fashion shops such as Next and Topman. Therefore the skinny lapel became a popular part of the younger generation suit wearers. As a result many class suits with slim lapels as […]

Men’s Suspenders & Braces


In our last post we touched on Collar Pins (Collar Bars), so in sticking with the old school vibe, we touch on mens suspenders (braces). More common than the collar pin yet still not a regular feature in most men’s wardrobes. The male suspender first came around in 1820 when men typically wore high waisted […]

Danielre – How To Wear A Suit, Style Salute


If you’re on Instagram (which as of April 2017, boasts 700 Million actively monthly users) and you’re interested in men’s tailoring, then I would happily bet a large sum that you’ve come across an image of Daniele Zaccone.  ‎Also know as Danielre (by his Instagram handle), his images can be seen reposted and shared across […]

Winter Warmer – Men’s Light Down Jackets

I’ve been seeing these downs for a while now and simply thought of them as a fashion accessory. That was until I actually walked into uniqlo and asked questions about the ‘ultra light down jacket’ they stock. I was told about its construction and mighty fill power (the stuff that keeps you warm).

Christmas Party – What To Wear

Once November hits, it’s officially Christmas Party time. Some parties will call for jeans, some may call for blazers or Christmas jumpers. And at some point we’ll be addressing exactly how to execute the perfect look for these. Today we’re going to touch on Balls and Gala dinners. The type which ask for a smart […]

Conor McGregor – Men’s Style Salute

Conor McGregor Style

Now for those of you who don’t know who Conor McGregor is, he is the UFC Featherweight champion and for any of you who watch UFC (you may not even watch UFC but if you’ve heard his name) you’ll know the type of guy that he is. He’s big, he’s bold, he’s just audacious in everything he does, in the way he fights, including his dress sense.