Men’s Suspenders & Braces


In our last post we touched on Collar Pins (Collar Bars), so in sticking with the old school vibe, we touch on mens suspenders (braces). More common than the collar pin yet still not a regular feature in most men’s wardrobes. The male suspender first came around in 1820 when men typically wore high waisted trousers (making belts impractical). They are strips of fabric used to hold a pair of trousers up when worn. They perform the same function as a belt but are more visible. This makes them an accessory that men can get creative with.

Interesting fact: When Suspenders first came about, they were considered an undergarment (& therefore hidden from public gaze).

You wouldn’t alone in getting a vibe of upper class (white collar) when you you see a man in suspenders. You can thank the likes of Gordon Gekko (see below) and Wall Street for that. However we believe suspenders are for everybody; and all can indulge in this great style option (and function obviously! ….although the function is redundant in a tailored suit ha!)




Ps It is a huge fashion faux pas to wear a belt and braces..steer clear

Check out the edition of Morts & More Moment below and see the discussion we have around braces;


What Are Some Of Your Combinations With Suspenders?

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