How To Handle Rejection

How To Handle Rejection

Rejection is like the flu, unpleasant but a common part of life (it happens to all of us). Rejection is something which is not often talked about but has vast importance to how many of us live our lives. Predominantly because it ties so deeply into self esteem.
Some may say “what does Morts & More Tailoring have to do with self esteem”. Well everything. What we do at Morts & More is more than just suits, it’s all about confidence which in turn ties into self esteem.
Each and every year sways of young men develop with a lack of self esteem, which results in catastrophic reactions to rejection.

As human beings, we all crave acceptance. Right from birth; before we knew words, we knew rejection and what it felt like. As an adult, rejection can often feel humiliating. Especially when rejected by the opposite sex; whether in public or private.
Rejection is important but it also needs to be considered a normal part of life. It needs to be taken within ones stride. Like stepping in dog poop. It’s an unpleasant experience (and it could happen again) but that doesn’t mean you stop walking.

How To Handle Rejection

We decided to take a Morts & More Moment to discuss how we handle rejection and move forward in life.

How Do You React To Rejection?

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