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Who Pays On The First Date?

First Date

We’ve come a long way since the olden days (well obviously). Many things have changed since then, such as social media and the internet. Customs are much different, from how we interact with one another to the places we interact. Everything is constantly changing and developing, so its easy to get lost in it all. […]

The Most Stylish Guy In The Room

Most Stylish Man

Understand that it’s not a competition between you and the other guys around you. It’s simply a competition with yourself. Trust me, one visit to Pitti during Pitti Uomo will help you to understand this point very quickly. There is no checklist or score sheet to rank who is more stylish than another, because we’re all completely different.

David Gandy – Most Stylish Man

David Gandy Most Stylish Man

  Men of the Year Awards (ft David Gandy) – What you Expect from a Good Tailor Made Suit The GQ Men of the Year awards last night and Mr David Gandy won the Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man award. No surprises there really as David Gandy tends to be spot on with his style […]

Tinie Tempah – Menswear Style Salute

Best Dressed British Males Today – Noticed the Tailored Suit? – It’s all Part of the Style Tinie Tempah, possibly one of the best dressed British Males today. In this Morts & More Moment, we send a style salute his way. Watch this video to see why, and also learn tips on how you can […]

Fine Dining – Morts & More visits Kiru

Look Great – Get a Tailored to Fit Suit Part of looking great in a tailored suit is eating the foods and keeping your body healthy. Now we appreciate that you can’t partake in fine dining everyday but when you do, it’s common practice to share your experience with a friend. So here it is […]

Progress Vs Perfection

“Failure works well as an instigator for progress”. Apple are a great company; earlier this year they became the most profitable company in history (Just to put it into context). They very openly declare their quest for perfection and yet they always release a new improved version of their products.