First Date Conversation – Part 2

First Date Conversation

A few weeks back we published a video on First Date Conversation to Youtube. It focused on how you are to be on a first date within the conversation. Things such as not getting to personal or too aggressive. It was a ‘hints and tips’ type of video, something to push you in the right direction if you require help, not a full extensive dossier on dating. You guys gave us some great feedback on that video and a lot of the reception was positive. If you haven’t had a chance to catch that video yet, click the link here to watch it. In the first First Date Conversation video we mentioned there would be a part two, and here it is…

The Questions..

In First Date Conversation Part 2 we wanted to give you the meat to the topic. The first video was simply the foundation but this was the filling portion. What do you say, when and how. Its that simple. We’ve compiled just 4 of these quality questions to use at your disposal. Just remember its a conversation not a questionnaire  or interview lol, have fun with it.

Without further ado, see the video below to watch the First Date Conversation Part 2



We hope you enjoyed our latest Morts & More Moment. Let us know what you think and what killer questions you have in your arsenal. We love hearing the feedback and suggestions from you guys, like we said before, our the Morts & More Youtube channel is more of an open forum rather than a teach and listen session. Its a place where we can all bring our ideas together and try and find the best ways to do things as men. Be sure to share our videos and channel with a friend, like and subscribe.

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