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The Power Of Purpose: A Driving Force Of Life | Tailored Life 

Power Of Purpose

If you’re familiar with our blog, you’ll know that having right mindset should precede having the right outfits. Inspiration for an advantageous mindset can be found in many places. Recently when watching the first series of the show Spartacus; the power of purpose came to mind.   Whats His Purpose?   For those unfamiliar with […]

How To Get More Out Of Your Day – Listening Skils

listening skills

Listening Skills are something we will forever endorse. When it comes to improving your communication skills, listening is paramount. Not only will it improve your ability to relate to people but it will also create much enjoyable experience. It sounds so easy to say that you should listen properly but it’s not a skill that […]

Do Guys In Bespoke Suits Have Better Sex?

Woman Smiling, Better Sex

Probably. Think about it, the guy most likely to wear a tailored suit is most likely to be a guy who takes care of his body too. Now there is a lot of circumstantial evidence here. But its not hard to see why someone in great shape would have better sex than someone who isn’t. More […]

Self-Awareness: Confidence Is Key In Life | Tailored Life

Knowing who you are is just as important as knowing who you are not. Having this information is a key component of knowing where you are going (in life) with regards to your goals. Make Self-Awareness a priority. Self-Awareness (The Gift) In 2018 the competition for your attention is higher than its ever been before. […]

Did the workplace kill the suit?

For as long as I can remember, men have always worn suits. Ok let me not be blasé with my opening line. Since the 17th century the suit has been a staple of the male wardrobe. However it may not have been in the form that we wear now (picture long coats and cravats). The […]

2018 Powerlist by Powerful Media – Memorable Moments


The 2018 Powerlist is an up to date compilation of Britains most influential people of African and African Caribbean heritage. Powerful Media, the publishers of the 2018 Powerlist say “The Powerlist is an annual publication that was first published in 2007 in a bid to provide professional role models for young people of African and African […]

#PowerToDecide – Wardrobe Takeover


The #PowerToDecide is important. It’s important to almost every aspect of our lives. If we were to relate it to what we do at Morts & More; imagine someone else decide which cloth you have make your suit in? How about someone else telling exactly what to wear to work (bar services with uniforms of […]