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Power Of Purpose

If you’re familiar with our blog, you’ll know that having right mindset should precede having the right outfits. Inspiration for an advantageous mindset can be found in many places. Recently when watching the first series of the show Spartacus; the power of purpose came to mind.


Whats His Purpose?


For those unfamiliar with the story of Spartacus, here’s an extremely quick run down. He and his wife are taken as slaves and separated from each other by Roman soldiers. As a slave he trains to become a Gladiator, and ‘earns coin’ (Spartacus slang) for his master. His aim is to earn enough to buy his freedom and find his wife. His wife is eventually returned to him but only long enough to die in his arms (murdered on route to him). Without giving away too many spoilers, this is his journey so far.


Power Of Purpose


The reason his character displays the power of purpose so well, is the way his story changes but he is continually driven by a purpose. His purpose to begin with, was to find his wife and take revenge on those who caused them pain. When she died, his life’s purpose became to bring her killers to justice (blood and guts spilled). No doubt as his story progresses and changes, so will his purpose.


Messages Underpin The Purpose


His purpose so far has made him one of the best Gladiators in Capua. Every time he achieves anything great or overcomes an impossible task, we see him have a vision of his purpose just beforehand. Not only does his purpose flash before his eyes in times of dispair, but it’s constantly replaying from time to time. Keeping him on track. All the messages and words of wisdom he receives underpin his purpose, and it’s these messages that play in the flashbacks. It’s clear to see that Spartacus is so clear and focused on his purpose that he fears nothing (not even death).


Power Of Purpose


Imagine what having a clear purpose could do for your life? You may not be fighting to the death in the arena but there are plenty of life altering challenges that you have in your life. A route to overcoming those obstacles is having a clearly defined purpose. It’ll serve to break down all barriers.


“See It Clearly In Your Mind”


In conclusion. Have a clearly defined purpose. See it clearly in your mind. Attach it to any messages or words of wisdom that relate, and replay it in your mind frequently. Not only will it give you drive to do what you need to do, it’ll give you supreme confidence.


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