2018 Powerlist by Powerful Media – Memorable Moments


The 2018 Powerlist is an up to date compilation of Britains most influential people of African and African Caribbean heritage. Powerful Media, the publishers of the 2018 Powerlist say “The Powerlist is an annual publication that was first published in 2007 in a bid to provide professional role models for young people of African and African Caribbean heritage.”


2018 Powerlist nomination

Since 2008, Sena and I have sought to be a face of inspiration for the generations that are coming behind us. Being of African descent, it made us eligible for the list, but to actually make the list is whole other matter.


2018 Powerlist


“We found out when the editions landed on our desks”

We’re extremely honoured to be considered as their ‘ones to watch’. It means a lot to us, as it shows that what we are doing at Morts & More is having a positive impact on those around us. We found out when the editions landed on our desks and we read through the latest edition. To be in the midst of such great people, who are adding much value to society feels incredible. We’ll always strive to inspire others, create positive change and be the best influencers for the generations behind us.

We say this all the time and we really mean it. It’s our community that makes us truly powerful, so thank you for all of the support. We hope you continue to contribute and engage with us, helping us to grow and develop.


What Do You Think Of the 2018 Powerlist?

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