Our Story – Life Before Morts & More

Our story

There are so many routes to business. Many have a different story to tell. Who can say which path is best for anyone? This post is for all of those who are looking to start a business but know not how. It’s also for those of you, who have followed our progress and want to know a little more about the brands history.

“A friend of ours came across a travelling tailor”

This is the beginning of ‘our story’‎..Life before Morts & More. Sena and I both have had similar routes up until this point. We both went thought the traditional schooling system up to degree level. Sena opting for Multimedia computing and I Pharmaceuticals. Graduation was followed by sales jobs for both of us. Both of which required us to wear suits daily. This is where the passion grew from.

Enjoying wearing suits everyday meant looking to have the best pieces and cloths, which on a graduate budget wasn’t possible. A friend of ours came across a travelling tailor and we saw his business model. It seemed so straight forward to us. Take his system and create suits for ourselves. Only with much more style. It’s crazy because 8 years later and here we are with our own tailoring company.

That’s the summary of how we started in business, I hope it serves as some benefit to you reading this right now. You can hear more of our story in this ‘Morts & More Moment’ video below


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