#PowerToDecide – Wardrobe Takeover


The #PowerToDecide is important. It’s important to almost every aspect of our lives. If we were to relate it to what we do at Morts & More; imagine someone else decide which cloth you have make your suit in? How about someone else telling exactly what to wear to work (bar services with uniforms of course)? How each person would feel about such a thing would vary from person to person. But one thing is for certain, at some point everybody will complain at the choice made for them.

“…inevitably you’ll complain”

That’s why we thought it would be important to highlight the #PowerToDecide in the run up to the general election. How the country is run, will affect each and every one of us. So if you’re eligible to vote and choose not to, then consequentially you’re giving others the #PowerToDecide for you. And inevitably you’ll complain about the choice made for you.

Therefore we urge you to use your #PowerToDecide. Check out this video below where we gave away our decision and had a day full of the consequence.


What Decision Would You Hate To Be Taken From You?

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