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Knowing who you are is just as important as knowing who you are not. Having this information is a key component of knowing where you are going (in life) with regards to your goals. Make Self-Awareness a priority.

Self-Awareness (The Gift)

In 2018 the competition for your attention is higher than its ever been before. Social media has been a determining factor in this. A gift and a curse to modern life. The gift of content is incredible. The ability to share news, thoughts and stories is beautiful. The fact that everyone with access to the internet now has the full capabilities of a content provider, the sources of content are endless.


Social Media & Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness (The Curse)

That being said, it’s the endless streams of content that highlights the curse. With large quantities of content comes competition, and where competition can be healthy, too much competition leads to deceitful behaviour. Don’t believe all of the content you see on the web.

This is why self-awareness is vital. When you know who you are and where you’re going, it’s hard to be led by lies. Not only this, but the knowledge required for proper self-awareness gives you a confidence boost. This ties well into our previous post on style rules.  Confidence and knowledge in who you are, will keep you on your path and ensure your style shines bright.

Self-Awareness (Style)

There are many building blocks and steps that culminate in what we call ‘confidence’. Its our job to assist every one of you in boosting your confidence levels. Whether its imparting the right mindset which allows you to express yourself without hesitation, or simply placing a perfectly fitted suit on your back (that makes you feel like Gold), we believe we can help the confidence of all who choose to participate in our community.

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