Style Rules – What to follow, What to break and How

Style Rules - What to follow, What to break and How

Style rules have always been something us at Morts & More have had to explain and breakdown to clients buying our suits. In this post we aim to show you our approach and attitudes toward style rules.

We all have a familiarity with rules. Whether at home from parents or school from teachers. Rules have always underpinned society. However, some rules are more important than others. The ones deemed highly important become laws. Others become Chinese whispers. By Chinese whispers, I mean those rules that people loosely follow but don’t really know why, just that they have to follow it because people keep saying so. Style rules are the latter.

Style Rules

Within the menswear community, style rules are almost always highlighted by the style enthusiasts all over the world. Whether it be within the style forums, Pitti Uomo or even Instagram, wear something the wrong way or at the wrong time and some self appointed style specialist will be waiting to tell you about it. We disagree with forceful demands on style. We’d rather refer to them as style suggestions. Incorporate what you want into your own style and ignore the rest. We have things we would and would not do, and we’ll be sure to tell all about it (and why) but we won’t judge you if you choose not to follow our lead. The rules we tend follow, tend to be the ones that make us look good and also make sense.


Morts & More Moment..

In this edition of Morts & More Moment, we go into more detail on our approach to menswear style. Click this link or the below video to watch now.


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