TFL Etiquette

They say you should pick your battles but as a man (or wo-man). How far can someone push you before you have to stand up for yourself?

Recently on a commute back to the office, Sena and I witnessed β€Ža grown man being Amog’d (our way of saying when an alpha male of a group imposes himself on the beta male) on a packed trained. Footage was recorded for your viewing pleasure. Please see clip below;



What Is The Protocol?

What happened here was, the middle seat was free and guy in the middle decided to take a load off his feet. Not sure if guy in the isle seat took offence to this or simply was unaware, but he didn’t try in anyway shape or form to accommodate his fellow commuter. It was hilarious. β€ŽThe amazing part about the whole debacle was that guy in the middle said nothing. At all!

Deep down I think guy on the left loved his suit and shirt so much, he didn’t want anybody creasing it.

Surely there must be a quota for the amount of space you take up, when on a train or bus. Like an unwritten rule about keeping to the confines of your seat. Well whether there is or isn’t a rule, it seems some people have no respect for others space. It’s for this reason that Sena is vehemently against the middle seat (it’s isle or nothing lol). He’d rather stand than take a middle seat. The battle of leg strength and elbow power the whole way home, just isn’t worth it. The ride home from work shouldn’t result in an achy thigh.

β€ŽHow far would someone have to go (taking liberties on tfl) before you say or do something?


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