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cuffed trouser

A little while back we addressed the area of cuffed trousers (also known as trouser turn ups) in a Morts & More Moment video. I thought it’d be good to share a blog post version for all of those at work, who can’t watch any videos because they forgot their headphones ha!

First of all, if you’re expecting an extensive history lesson on cuffs and trouser, then this post in particular will leave you feeling like a vegan who can’t find another person to tell them, they’re vegan..frustrated.

This talk of trouser turn ups will centre around where and how to wear them. As well as or preferences.

Cuffed trousers


To Cuff Or Not To Cuff

‎Traditionally they were designed to protect the bottom of the trouser from wet, muddy floors during periods of bad weather. Some men may continue to wear them for that reason but it’s safe to say the majority wear them for the style.

We see cuffed trousers as a dressier option to the plain bottom trouser. However, you wouldn’t want to wear trouser turn ups to a black tie event (or with any dinner jacket).

The standard size of cuffs tend to be 1″ in size. Us brits have always been the flag bearer for cuffed trousers. The Italians can definitely be credited for shorter trouser/longer cuff style. It’s a nice look.

Trouser turn ups


We love both cuff and un-cuffed trousers, the only deal breaker for us, is that cuffed trousers are fitted well.

Trouser turn ups tend to fit better in the business/office environment where they can be worn socially. We are just not fans of it.

Let us know what you think about cuffed trousers.

You can watch the Morts & More Moment episode on Cuffed Trousers below;


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