Goals – Speak It Before You Have It?


As a Morts & More Man, you are more than just the suit you wear. Simply wearing a M|M suit makes you no more a M|M man, than wearing a black polo neck, makes you Steve Jobs. If I was to liken you to a house, your mind is the foundation, the bricks are your body. The interior design represents your nutrition, and finally the landscaping is the suit. In today’s post we’re going to touch on the mind. One element to be precises. Goal (or goals) setting and the act of speaking it forward.


Goals 1

‎I recently entertained a conversation regarding the act of speaking into the future. Many would agree to the power it has, but at what point does it become lying?

If you haven’t already been awoken to the power of speaking about what you want, before you actually have it, then you should give it a spin. It can have some profound effects. More notable figures who have been known to use this style of goal achievement, are the likes of Muhammad Ali and Conor McGregor. Muhammad Ali said he was the best before he really was, and he became it. Conor McGregor predicts how he’ll win a fight, and he does it.

Fake It Till You Make It

But when someone says I’m a billionaire (speaking into future) without currently being one, are they simply lying? It’s interesting because if we all walked around and did this, how would we ever know the real answer to a question you asked somebody? As in, are they speaking into the future, or stating the present status (which you’ve asked for)?

It’s A Thin Line

I think the best way to approach this is to speak all the positives (and goals) you desire into existence. With the caveat that you don’t mislead people. ‎When Conor McGregor and Muhammad Ali did it, we all knew what they were doing and what their current status was. Anything else which mis-leads is simply a lie.

‎The aim of this post is to encourage you to start speaking your goals into existence. If you can see it in your mind (& believe it), then speak it with your mouth, it’s odds on to happen.


Goal setting


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