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listening skills

Listening Skills are something we will forever endorse. When it comes to improving your communication skills, listening is paramount. Not only will it improve your ability to relate to people but it will also create much enjoyable experience.

It sounds so easy to say that you should listen properly but it’s not a skill that is widely exercise amongst the greater society. We guarantee that you will get so much more from your day when you start to listen with intention.

“Listen to understand, not to respond”

Many people talk at each other and have the aim of getting their information off. We often listen to what people say in order to see how it will slot into what we’re about to say. If you want to truly experience powerful communication and show people you truly care about what they have to say, then truly listen. Listen to understand and not to respond. Let the person you’re communicating with get out what they want to say. Ask questions to gain a better understanding. Use this moment to created discussion around what they’ve said and expand on it. This is the only way to truly converse and relate. Anything else is just an exchange of words.


listening skills


Words Exchange vs Communication

It can be said that on the most part, the majority of us get by through several “word exchanges” each day. However how many of us truly connect with people? How many of us leave an encounter with someone else and think “I really understand where they’re coming from”? Chances are we used the exchange to force our point across and hope the other person had sense to take our opinions on board.


In order to grow as a person, you need to learn and experience new things. That includes opinions alien to you. The best conversationalist is the quietest one. The one who then speaks last after taking in from others. Only then can you truly contribute.

Moving forward, aim to listen with intention. It’ll change your life.

Thank You For Listening

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