Are Made To Measure Suits Too Expensive? | Part 1

Made To Measure Suits

Our brand introduced a New Tailoring Experience (to a new younger generation) in London. Part of being that brand is dealing with feedback. A familiar topic being the price of our Made To Measure suits. Some see value, many feel they are too expensive. We use the word ‘feel’ because over the course of this post we aim to detail why it’s more emotive than anything.


Emotions & High End Purchasing


Made To Measure Suits have surged in popularity over the last ten years. Whats been a stand out is the price difference from what men usually pay for suits. The difference is vast, so to see many take to it has been great. Men are not usually the most fashion forward, once we find something that works, we stick to it.

£99 for a polyester suit off the high street, looked after many graduates and young career men. However those that understand dressing for success, sought out more. Those that understood that how they felt in their suits, propelled them forward in all areas.

A wise man once said, “It’s not about the price. It’s about the way it makes me feel. I can look silly but if I feel great, then I can’t see the silliness others see”. Feeling great will help you to feel confident and in turn, “carry off” the look with upmost swagger.


made to measure suits


“It’s not about the price. It’s about the way it makes me feel”


Most people will buy into certain brands due to the feeling it brings when they use it, and thats ok. What price do you put on that feeling?

That being said, we still believe that the cost of a Made To Measure suit is more than just emotion. The other major part will be touch on in Are Made To Measure Suits Too Expensive Part 2

In the famous words of Oscar Wilde “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing”, we hope this post has changed that about Made To Measure.


Thank You For Your Time

Did this post bring a better understanding to Made To Measure? We hope to see you for all of your sartorial needs. By appointment only, we can meet with you to discuss and create your bespoke garments. We’re based in Bank, London. Book your appointments here.


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