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Should You Remove The Tack Stitching?

Tack Stitching

Tack stitching, it keeps it all together. These are the stitches that are put into your suit jacket temporarily whilst it is being made. As a consumer, you’ll most likely see tack stitching holding the vents of your jacket together or keeping the pockets shut. These are usually left in place after a suit has […]

Power – The Style Salute


When I’m not tailoring the city’s style conscious professionals, or I’m not with friends and family, then I’m most likely watching TV and get some style inspiration. I’ve made no secret about the show ‘Suits’ being one of my favourites. Now it’s time to let you in on another favourite; Power. If you haven’t seen […]

Wedding Guest – What To Wear To A Wedding

When you’re a wedding guest and you’ve not been given a dress code, you can look at it one of two ways. Either its a great opportunity for you to express your style (which you’re completely comfortable with), or its an opportunity for your anxiety to reach new heights (as you’re completely lost as to […]

Match Your Tie And Pocket Square?

Matching Tie And Pocket Square

Match Your Tie And Pocket Square? In this edition of ‘Morts & More Moment’ we aim to uncover whether how you should and shouldn’t match your tie to your pocket square. It falls into the series ‘What I Wouldn’t Do …When Wearing A Suit”. Check out the video below to watch the latest episode   […]

Tinie Tempah – Menswear Style Salute

Best Dressed British Males Today – Noticed the Tailored Suit? – It’s all Part of the Style Tinie Tempah, possibly one of the best dressed British Males today. In this Morts & More Moment, we send a style salute his way. Watch this video to see why, and also learn tips on how you can […]