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Are Made To Measure Suits Too Expensive? | Part 2

A Made To Measure (MTM) Suit, is made for you. At Morts & More we [...]

Are Made To Measure Suits Too Expensive? | Part 1

Our brand introduced a New Tailoring Experience (to a new younger generation) in London.Β Part of [...]

Should You Remove The Tack Stitching?

Tack stitching, it keeps it all together. These are the stitches that are put into [...]

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Power – The Style Salute

When I’m not tailoring the city’s style conscious professionals, or I’m not with friends and [...]

Wedding Guest – What To Wear To A Wedding

When you’re a wedding guest and you’ve not been given a dress code, you can [...]

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Should You Wear A Belt With A Tailored Suit?

We want to ask the age old question of ‘Should you or shouldn’t you wear [...]

A Great Corporate Uniform Is Like A Free Pen…

2. Trust If the brand/company/corporation has a good reputation for the service they provide then [...]

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The Big Day Suit – Your Wedding in London

Brides and grooms know a lot of planning goes into a wedding. You have to [...]

The Thread Counts

Super 110s, Super 120s, you may have seen these numbers banded around but what do [...]

5 Reasons Your Bespoke Suit Hates You

4. Evidence of last week's Tikka Misala are still showcased on your lapel, sleeve, and [...]