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When you’re a wedding guest and you’ve not been given a dress code, you can look at it one of two ways. Either its a great opportunity for you to express your style (which you’re completely comfortable with), or its an opportunity for your anxiety to reach new heights (as you’re completely lost as to what move to make). If you’re the latter, then this post is for you. To be honest, even if you have confidence in your style, this post is for you too. Because what else is style knowledge for, other than sharing with like minded individuals?

We are asked this question (what to wear to a wedding) quite frequently. So we thought it important to address this topic now, considering the “wedding season” which is upon us. [For those who want to argue that there isn’t a wedding season and that weddings happen all year round, we’re simply referring to the congested wedding period of the spring and summer].

If you’re familiar with our previous posts or heard some style advice from us in the past, then you’ll know that simplicity is key for us. Below are three tips to put you on the right track (for any wedding without a dress code).


Wedding Guest Outfit Options

Wear a blazer, shirt (open collar) and trousers. Mix and match the colours to give the look a more relaxed feel. In the picture below a blue blazer is mixed with grey trousers, brown shoes and an open collar light blue shirt.

Wedding Guest


Wear a suit. Possibly the easiest go to. Just make sure it doesn’t look like your work suit. Add some bright accessories or a colourful/patterned shirt to make the look more social. If the weather gets to hot you can always remove the jacket and/or tie. In the below picture a blue suit is mixed with a white shirt and matching blue tie/sock combo.


Wedding Guest


Steer very clear of ostentatious (sequins etc) or white suit jackets. Not because it doesn’t look good but that it leans towards the realm of attention stealing. It’s not your day, so stealing the showing is simply unclassy.


Wedding Guest


The Wedding Guest: The Video

Check out the Morts & More Moment video below where we discuss our opinions on  wedding guest attire.


What Is Your Opinion On What To Wear To Weddings?

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