5 Reasons Your Bespoke Suit Hates You

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If you are the type of man who wears Tailored, Made-To-Measure or Bespoke suit, you probably tell yourself and everyone who will listen how much you love your suits, but do your suits love you? You’re probably wondering how is this post going to go? How can my suit hate me, it is inanimate? Well if that is indeed what you’re thinking then your suit not actuating having feelings is correct, but if it did we’re sure that this is something along the lines of how it will go. Read below to learn 5 Reasons Your Bespoke Suit Hates You Tailored Suits Morts & More

1. Last week when the “Boss Man” at the takeaway asked if you wanted a large or small. You exclaimed ‘large!’ without any hesitation.

Its all the abut the inches guys. When you wear Bespoke, ‘Made To Measure’, or Tailored, the suit is crafted perfectly for your body, so when those changes in your body size and shape happen, your suit will be unforgiving.

2. You sit down in car with your suit jacket still on

When you sit down in a car with your suit jacket on it adds untold creases to the back of it. Its fair to say you cant be expected to keep your suit 100% creaseless however you can take certain steps to keep it as crease free as possible.

3. You still haven’t learned how to put your suit Jacket on in the right manner.

Listen, its not that difficult. All of that pulling and aggressive yanking in different directions is just stressful to a suit jackets day. I cant tell you the amount of times we’ve seen a client go to put on their jacket and pause at the thought of hearing a massive rip. Watch this video here to see the best way to put your jacket on.

4. Evidence of last week’s Tikka Misala are still showcased on your lapel, sleeve, and trouser thigh.

Haha this goes without saying. When dealing with messy food, remove your jacket and place a napkin on your lap. You’re a grown man, eat your food don’t wear it. Invest in a good suit brush (also learn how to brush your suit properly) and allow you suits to air out after each wear.

5. That one time in July when the public bathroom had run out of paper towels and the hand dryer had broken down, you used the back of your trouser legs

Your suit fabric is delicate and needs to be treated well. Especially the trousers (they take a bigger beating than the jacket does).  

We look forward to seeing you repair your relationship with your suit, ha!

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