Should You Wear A Belt With A Tailored Suit?

Should you wear a belt

We want to ask the age old question of ‘Should you or shouldn’t you wear a belt with tailored trousers?

Many in the tailoring world say its a categoric no. A belt serves a function; to hold your trousers up when they don’t fit. So if you’re wearing a tailored suit, why do you need a belt? The suit fits, right? There’s absolutely no need. If the suit doesn’t fit, then your tailor hasn’t done a good job, or perhaps you’ve changed weight.

We feel that if you want to wear a belt, then wear a belt (they key word being ‘want’). If you don’t want to wear a belt, don’t wear a belt. From a functional stand point you don’t need a belt but we understand some people prefer the aesthetics of a belt.

Morts & More Moment

We discuss the topic in the below edition of Morts & More Moment (see video below)



A side benefit to not wearing a belt, is not having the headache of matching the tone of each one perfectly to your shoes.

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