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What To Wear In Winter | Stylish Winter Tips For Men

what to wear in the Winter

I feel the weather is so cold right now it’s unbelievable. What scares me is that reports are saying it’s about to get even colder. I was born and raised in London, Ive always lived here, so you’d think I’d be used to it by now – I’m not. Tailoring is a passion of mine. […]

Why Off The Peg Doesn’t Make Sense

Off The Peg

Off The Peg clothing, especially suits hold one fairly big assumption. The assumption that the world’s population has the same body proportions. ‎Anyone who’s lived in the real world (that should be you reading this right now…hopefully), knows fully well that this is far from the truth. Some people have broad shoulders, others longer or […]

Mens Accessories – Matching Metals & Leathers For Men

mens accessories

We had someone write in to us to ask for some advice regarding mens accessories and jewellery. His request came in the form of a 2-part question; Firstly he asked if all the metals had to match. He goes on to give the example if he’s wearing a silver belt buckle, should it match his […]

Should You Wear A Belt With A Tailored Suit?

Should you wear a belt

We want to ask the age old question of ‘Should you or shouldn’t you wear a belt with tailored trousers? Many in the tailoring world say its a categoric no. A belt serves a function; to hold your trousers up when they don’t fit. So if you’re wearing a tailored suit, why do you need […]

David Gandy – Most Stylish Man

David Gandy Most Stylish Man

  Men of the Year Awards (ft David Gandy) – What you Expect from a Good Tailor Made Suit The GQ Men of the Year awards last night and Mr David Gandy won the Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man award. No surprises there really as David Gandy tends to be spot on with his style […]