Number One Tip For Looking Good In A Suit

When it comes to looking good in a suit…

You’ve Got To Keep Yourself In Good Shape


A great tailor can work magic to make your body appear to be much different than what it is. Whether slimmer effects or the appearance of being taller, it can all be done with clever cuts and fabric patterns.

That being said, keeping your actual body in the best possible shape is the best move you can make if you want to achieve the best look. It also costs less in alteration hours you’ll have to pay. The last thing you want is to have a tailored suit, that you can no longer fit into.


look good in a suit


You don’t have to look like a Greek god or a contestant for Mr Olympia, no need to download Kanye’s work out plan, all you have to do is eat what is right for your body and partake in regular exercise.

Keep it simple. Walk instead of taking the bus sometimes. Eat a highly nutritious diet. Skip those donuts Sam brought into the office for her birthday and sip some lemon water instead lol. Ultimately the mind state is very important too.

Look good feel good, it’s that simple.


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