Suits – The Beauty Inside..

..Is Definitely More Important


Recently Sena and I were in an interview where we were asked to respond to the younger generation of today who say ‘it doesn’t matter what we look like, it’s all about how we are as people’. Sena and I have touched on this before but it’s always a great thing to remind everyone around us of. We agree that what you’re like as a person is far more important than any item of clothing you can adorn but than doesn’t make your clothing worthless.

Suits and the Beauty Outside

Picture walk into room (whether an interview, socialising etc) and the people within it don’t know who you are and look at you for the first time. At this moment when you haven’t uttered a word or made a single action, it’s your clothes and appearance that speak on your behalf. Is it right or wrong? Regardless it’s how we assess and operate as humans. How you dress isn’t the be all and end all but it can make for an amazing and lasting first impression.

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