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We had someone write in to us to ask for some advice regarding mens accessories and jewellery. His request came in the form of a 2-part question; Firstly he asked if all the metals had to match. He goes on to give the example if he’s wearing a silver belt buckle, should it match his watch or his tie clip and other accessories? or can he get away with matching two of them and having a gold accessory etc?

The second part of his question mentions that he knows the leather on his belt should match his shoes but he asks should the leather on his watch also match his shoes and belt?

Such an interesting question that most men would probably not think about but here are our thoughts:

Mens Accessories – Matching Metals

When it comes to metals we don’t feel everything has to match as a rule.

I.e. if you had a watch with a gold strap, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear a matching gold belt buckle. Our reasoning for this is that its such a small detail. Just like if your wore a gold wedding ring then you cant wear a silver belt buckle (a little silly).

Mens Accessories – Matching Leathers

This detail we think a little differently. We think it looks best when they do match but its not a must do. Its what we call a great option. If you can match your leathers, do it. If you cant, its not a big deal.

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