The Big Day Suit – Your Wedding in London

Brides and grooms know a lot of planning goes into a wedding. You have to choose the right venue, the guest list, the menu, the reception venue, the theme, the flowers and much more. After all, this is one of the most significant days in your life — it is important that you get it right!

One crucial aspect for having a successful and enjoyable wedding is turning up in the right wedding suit. You need to look your best to impress your partner and your wedding guests. If you arrive in an ill-fitting suit, you could embarrass yourself and disappoint your partner.

That is why many men purchase bespoke suits that have been perfectly tailored to match their personal preferences and body shape. A tailor made suit can be designed to highlight your best features and make you look a million bucks! What better way to impress your partner and get your marriage off to a great start. The benefits to choosing a bespoke wedding suit for your wedding day…

The Benefits of Buying a Bespoke Suit For Your Wedding Day

A Bespoke Suit Will Reflect Your Personality

An off-the-shelf tuxedo is typically a fairly basic and stock standard outfit. You might even go as far as calling a hired tuxedo bland. It doesn’t reflect your personality or individual preferences. A bespoke wedding suit can be crafted according to your exact specifications. The style of the suit, the cut, the material used, the colours and the accessories are all up to you. You can create a beautiful suit that matches your personality perfectly. It’s your big day after all, you should have a suit that says a lot about you.

You Will Look as Good as Your Partner

There is nothing worse than attending a wedding and seeing one partner dressed beautifully while the other is wearing an ill-fitting suit. You won’t believe how well a bespoke wedding suit can fit and how great you will look. If you want to make the day special for your partner, you should pull out all of the stops and wear a well-crafted tailor made suit.

It’s an Opportunity to Expand Your Wardrobe

Not only will you look great on your wedding day, you will have a bespoke tailored suit that you can wear to other formal occasions. Because it is a tailor made suit, you can craft it in a way that it looks good for many types of occasions — it won’t be a bland tuxedo that is only appropriate for certain formal events.

A Well-Made Bespoke Suit Makes You Feel Good

It’s a commonly known fact — when you look good, you feel great. Wearing a luxurious tailor made suit to your wedding will help you feel confident and relaxed. What better start to the day than impressing your partner and guests with your stylish appearance!

It’s Cheaper to Buy a Tailor Made Suit

If you decide to rent a tuxedo for the day, it could cost as much as £80 or £100. For that price, you often get an ill-fitting, frumpy, dated-looking tuxedo that you only wear once. By spending a bit more on bespoke wedding suit you will have an outfit that you wear on many occasions. Even if you only wear it to other weddings you attend, it will very quickly pay for itself!

Why Use Morts & More For Your Bespoke Wedding Suit

Morts and More make the finest tailor made suits in London, including bespoke groom suits. We use the high-quality fabrics and accessories for all of our bespoke wedding suits. Our tailors are very experienced and can create a suit that embodies your personality and enhances your looks.

If you would like to learn more about our bespoke suits, visit our website or contact us today on 0203 397 3983.

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