Mens Style – 5 Things We Left Behind In 2015

5 Things We Left Behind In 2015

Mens style lives on! It’s 2016 and we hope you’re having a cracking start to the New Year. With New Year’s comes new things but there is only so much space, so some old things must be dropped by force. We thought it best to have a quick re-cap on some of the things we should have all left well behind us. So without any further ado here is…


Mens Style – 5 Things We Left Behind In 2015


1. Over accessorizing

Over accessorizing is having far too many accessories on your outfit.

You shouldn’t over accessorize because it takes away all the attention from your main outfit (in this instance lets say that is your suit). Your suit should always be the focal point and everything else should work together to make the focal point look even better. There is only one star of the show; everything else is a supporting act. Find out the best way to accessorize here.


2. Using the bottom button on your jacket

Always leave the bottom button of your jacket undone. It adds a lot to the aesthetics of the jacket. It keeps it in great shape. Why? It is just the way suits are constructed today in order to ensure the best drape and aesthetic fit. Watch the video below to see the demonstration on how this action affects the jacket shape.


Only Michael Jackson Gets Away With It

3. White socks

White sports socks with your suits are criminal. It’s very reminiscent of Michael Jackson (but he was a performer and also the King of pop so he’s cool). It has the worst contrast ever, so steer clear.


4. Brown shoes with a black suit

The contrast between the black and the brown is just far too harsh. It’s an eye sore.

(There is caveat though. Black shoes can be worn with a brown suit. With the darkest colour being on your feet, it just flows better). Find out the best way to execute brown shoes here.


5. An exact matching tie and pocket square

For this dress area complementing is better than matching. A red tie and a red pocket square for example, it looks poor. So it is best to match elements of the tie and pocket square at most. Say perhaps a solid red tie and a pocket square with red polka dots.

We often say that the when the accessories or exactly the same, it gives the feeling that it has just come out of a pack. That’s bad because most packaged accessories tend to be cheap and tacky (Almost giving connotations of a post office gift from your gran). Check out our Morts & More Moment on matching ties with pocket squares below.

Mens Style Lives On!

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