4 Reason’s You Don’t Wear Short Ties

You sir, are a stylish man. One who takes pride in his appearance and takes comfort in the fact that when he struts through the corporate world, he puts his best foot forward (literally). This post serves as a nice reminder why you continue to ooze suaveness with ease. The main focus of this here style highlight is ‘short ties’. Some may ask what a short tie is and I’ll respond, whenever the tip of your tie is above your trouser waistline, you sir have a short tie. Below are;


4 Reason’s You Don’t Wear Short Ties


1. You’re not a teenager rebelling against school uniform

Anyone that’s ever been to school or battling these London streets during the school rush hour will testify to the fact that school kids have a thing for tying their ties ridiculously short.

Short Tie


2. It looks like you don’t care about the details

Getting up in the morning and getting dressed in the dark simply isn’t a viable option for you. You’re well aware that attention to detail can’t be switch on and off, you either have it or you don’t (For we are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habit *insert smug look here*)

Short Tie





3. Does not complement your look

You’re a stylish guy so how can something that is not stylish at all complement you?! Having a short tie creates an imbalance, especially with all of that exposed shirt space. You’re well aware of whose look short ties do complement (hint they often perform at kids parties).


Short Tie



4. You’re of the 21st century, not a 1940’s man

I’m sure you’re well aware of the high waist trousers men ‘used’ to wear ‘back in the day’, so ties didn’t need to be as long in length. You’re also well aware that there was a small trend in wearing short ties back then but that trend is happily resting in peace, where it should be.


mens high waist trousers


Just Say No To Short Ties


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