Why Have a Designer Suit ?

Designer Suits made in London?

A bespoke designer suit is a suit that has been customised to match your body shape and personal preferences. A well-made designer suit will be perfectly fitted; impeccably tailored and made from high-quality materials.

In recent years, the availability and affordability of designer suits in London has improved; due to some exciting new clothing stores entering the market. It is now very common to see men wearing bespoke designer suits in London. For both business and pleasure. Designer suits have become particularly popular with younger men; who have realised the numerous advantages of dressing formally.

A designer suit can transform the look of a person and increases the confidence of the wearer. When you look good, you feel great! Here are a few other reasons why you should considering buying a designer suit; and where to find the best men’s suits in London.

Designer Suits Can be Highly Customised

Bespoke designer suits are created with customisation in mind. They can be easily modified to accommodate your body, changes in weight and any special requests that you have. They can easily modified by a tailor to accommodate any future changes that you require.

The Quality is Far Superior in Bespoke Suits

A designer suit will have a range of finishing touches that are far superior to suits bought off the rack. Typically, a designer suit will include many options.  From hand-stitched sleeve linings, to hand-finished interior pockets. As well as hidden pockets in the suit pants, vented pleats and a flower loop on the jacket. When you order a bespoke designer suit, you can choose which features to include or remove. The materials used to form the suit will also be of very high quality. Quality cloth, buttons and linings.

Designer Suits Fit Better

The principle reasons for wearing a designer suit in London is they are perfectly designed to fit your body. A designer suit will be in proportion to your frame and is designed by the tailor to highlight your best features. A designer suit will allow you to always look your best.

Greater Longevity in Your Suit

The stitching and materials used to make a designer suit are very high quality. You can expect the suit to last much longer. Consider a designer suit a long-term investment that will be with you for many years. Your designer suits may even be inherited by your sons in a few decades time. So they can get the same enjoyment out of wearing high quality clothes that you do!

Designer Suits are Extremely Comfortable

Many men choose to wear a designer suit in London because of the how comfortable it is. A suit that is perfectly designed for your body and made from high quality materials is an absolute pleasure to wear and extremely comfortable.

Designer Suits Accessorise Well

A bespoke designer suit can achieve a number of looks and works well with many accessories. If you have flamboyant cufflinks or ties, a designer suit will enhance the uniqueness of your look. They also work well with bespoke shirts.

A Designer Suit Boosts Your Confidence

Research has shown that wearing a suit can have a dramatic impact on a person’s behaviour. A recent study from California State University found “Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world”. They study also found that wearing a suit makes people think more broadly and holistically.

For many people, the simple act of putting on a suit emboldens them and gives them more confidence when they interact with people. It is a well known fact that people feel better about themselves when they look great and when a man dresses in a well-tailored designer suit, they look fantastic!

Designers suits can also have a physiological effect on wearers. Some people find that when they put on a suit, they stand taller, show better posture and walk more confidently — all attractive qualities.

A Designer Suit Changes the Way Other People Look at You

A suit can also dramatically affect the way others see you. People tend to find men in designer suits more attractive and often give them more respect. If you are wearing a designer suit in London, you can expect more appreciative looks from members of both sexes!

Finding the Best Designer Suits in London

Morts & More are committed to providing men with the highest quality designer suits in London — at an affordable price. We are a fresh and innovative company who enjoy selling designer suits that make men look their best. We also sell a range of bespoke shirts and accessories.

If you would like to learn more about our high-quality men suits in London, contact us today on 0203 397 3983.

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