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Part of looking great in a tailored suit is eating the foods and keeping your body healthy. Now we appreciate that you can’t partake in fine dining everyday but when you do, it’s common practice to share your experience with a friend. So here it is Morts & More’s fine dining experience at the soon to be launched Kiru, London. Suit’s Tailored to Fit






Vibrant and Decorated with Contemporary Style  – Thanks Kiru!

Kiru is Chelsea’s modern yet elegant Japanese restaurant and sushi bar. We were fortunate to be extended an invitation to experience the Kiru food and cocktail menu at their recent taster evening. The food, drinks and experience can only be described as one thing, Amazing! The space is clean, vibrant and decorated with contemporary and creative artwork. Your an see and feel the traditional Japanese and British influence.






Very early into the experience it became very apparent that ‘quality’ is at the forefront of everything they provide. The evening kicked of with a drink or two at the sleek cocktail bar. Spoilt for choice all the drinks were incredible, delicious and strong without the taste of alcohol. Their special version of the classic ‘Old Fashioned cocktail’ is a great place to start.






One or two drinks down, we were shown to our table and treated to a flurry of excellence. We sampled their finely crafted menu which was broken down to Snacks, Special Appetizers, Salads, Sushi Selection, & Kiru Special Dishes. From the Salmon Avicado roll to the Rib Eye Steak, we enjoyed it all.






Now as we said earlier, fine dining may not be for everyday but next time you decide to partake in it, make sure it’s Kiru, London.








We hope you take the chance to go and check out Kiru, let us know what you think.

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