13 Rules to Wearing your suit Right Every Time

Many men try to emulate the look of their favourite celebrities when rolling down the red carpet spruced up in blazing suits. This could be in the office or some social event, but not all attempts quite produce the expected outcome.

What most people don’t realise is that looking sharp in a suit is actually harder than it looks. Celebrities are able to pull out that look because there are surrounded by professional designers, plus they can afford unique fabrics that make them stand out more.

Many guys have access to a professional designer or tailor, and they can advise you on how to achieve the perfect look for your body type. Besides that, there are some obvious rules about wearing a suit that every man should know.

  1. The fit is very important. Even the most expensive suit will not look as good if it not tailored to match the contours of your body
  2. Consider wearing shapewear – clothing that exaggerates your good body parts whilst disguising the others so you appear more tones than you really are.
  3. Your jacket and shirt collar should touch all the way round including the back. If there is a gap between the collar and lapels, your jacket doesn’t fit.
  4. Pick-stitching – visible stitches around your lapels edges do not necessarily reflect a well-made garment; though they can be an attractive finish provided they are subtle (do not contrast the stitching).
  5. Armholes should be high so your arms swing independently without moving the rest of the jacket – like when extending your arm to shake someone’s hand.
  6. Not everyone agrees that you should cut the stitching in your jacket’s pockets, because putting objects there can distort its shape. There is no need for non-functional pockets, plus you can place business-card holders and other items that can’t cause any damage
  7. Double vents give you a nice, modern look. They are flattering for larger figures, and provide enough room to effortlessly move with one hand in the pocket.
  8. Your suit starts with your feet, so always make sure that your shoes are shiny and match the colour of your belt
  9. Don’t be afraid to accessorise. A belt that matches the colour of your shoes is a good start, but you can also match the buckle to other accessories, such as a watch or cuff links.
  10. A tie is also an accessory, and black ties can match just about every suit. You can use any colour for informal wear, but ensure that the tie does not detract focus from the suit
  11. Steam or press your suit before wearing it for any occasion so it appears as clean and tight as it can be.
  12. The top button of a two-button suit should always fall above, or at the navel. For 3-button jackets, the middle-button should be at the navel
  13. Buttoning your suit tightly is another way to make the suit look straight and neat, but always leave the bottom button undone if you are wearing a 2-button jacket.

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