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Guys are wearing suits more than ever before – not because they have to, but because they want to. The trend for tailor made suits in London has made the options for blending limitless. Not everyone wants to match their suit to an official pair of shoes. You can also don your tailored suit or jacket with a pair of low-cut running sneakers or boots and look cool.
Even as the rules for wearing suits fade, there are still a few myths and misconceptions associated with custom-made clothing out there. Here are some of them:

Misconception #1: It is inconvenient to visit a tailor

Truth is, it is more inconvenient to visit over 20 different stores looking for a fitting suit of the colour, style, design, pattern, and texture that you want. Custom-made clothes require you to go to your tailor so they can get your exact measurements, and then make a couple of subsequent visits to make sure that the fit is still perfect.
This may seem like an inconvenience, but the alternative is worse. After driving around to different stores trying to find something you like, you may have to settle for a choice that seems acceptable – not perfect. That aside, consider the time, fuel, and frustration of moving from store to store, when you could only be visiting your personal tailor on appointment.

Misconception #2: The level of Quality is not that different

Truth is, custom-made mens suits are made better, and is superior hands down. Off-the-rack suits are good, but there is an obvious difference in the level of quality between the two.
Houses like Hawkes, Gleves, Richard James, Kilgour, and Tom Ford are masters of designing uncompromising made-to-measure suits, and have even changed fashion trends. The very high quality offered by these designers is comparable to what you get from many bespoke tailoring houses – a least for the most part.

Still, the fact that tailor-made clothing is overseen by a person who has interacted with the actual wearer means that they waste no time or expense in ensuring that the hand workmanship of the item is unquestionably of the highest quality. There is an attention-to-detail that cannot be matched.

Then there is the option to choose a fabric of your liking for absolute satisfaction with the final product, and the use of canvas to help the suit mould to your body.
That said, bespoke does not mean that you get a brand new pattern made for only you, or that your clothing will conceal certain body flaws. It can, however, flatter your body type and even out your proportions.

Misconception #3: Tailor made clothes will break the bank

The fact that off-the-rack suits are mass-produced in assembly lines means a lower cost of production, and a lower price tag. The amount of work that goes into producing custom-made clothing is immense, so the price will obviously be higher. But tailors at Morts and More are actually quite affordable if you look at the big picture.

First, getting a tailor made suit is convenient. You get to save your valuable time that would otherwise be spent looking for a good fit. Second, custom clothing can take more wear and tear, so they last longer, and you replace them less. Third, many skilled tailors can replicate looks on popular top brands for a fraction of the price for that label.

Final note
If you have never tried tailor made clothing in London, now may be a good time to witness the magic of these master craftsmen.

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