We have the Suit for your Personality, your Event or Wedding

Boardroom, Social event or Wedding, We have the Suit for your personality!

Suits have become an important part of every man’s wardrobe, and can be worn to nearly every occasion whether it be casual or formal. But how can you find the right suit for your personality? Is your personality better suited for a traditional suit or a more contemporary and stylish design?

Choosing the right suit involves a lot more than simply picking a colour or fit: it must be right for your personal style. Many men choose to go with traditional sits because they are afraid that they may not look the part otherwise. However, tailor made suits can be designed to not only match your style, but also the occasion you have in mind. This could be a wedding, social event, or an important business function. When you wear a tailor-made suit, you portray an aura of professionalism.

While some people view suits as common attire, different occasions require different kinds of suits to be worn, in terms of the style, fabric, colour, and design. Whatever your personality and preference, it is best to match your suit to the occasion. Common dress codes include:

Formal Suit or white tie and Suit

Formal attire does not mean that you should go dressed in a suit and a tie. Formal dressing is an extremely strict dress code that is mostly used in high society events, high-formality award ceremonies, or diplomatic events. Formal attire for men varies depending on the time of day: during the day, you are supposed to show up in a morning dress with a vest and tailcoat, while at night, it becomes a white-tie affair. It is unusual to request full formal dress code in a personal event, like a wedding or birthday party.

Semi-Formal or Black Tie

Just because it uses the term “semi” does not make it less strict that the full-formal dress code. In fact, this is the strictest dressing attire that most people wear in their lifetime for events of great significance, like weddings. Like formal wear, gentlemen require different attire for day and night: during the day, the stroller is appropriate; and at night, the familiar black tie ensemble (tuxedo) is appropriate. Once you receive the semi-formal invitation, you need to start looking for the right outfit, as it will take several fittings and adjusting to get it right.

Business dress code

Business attire requires you to wear a matched suit. When attending an occasion that has requested business attire, it is best to go in a dark, solid coloured or pinstriped suit, paired with a light-coloured dress shirt, a conventional tie, and black leather shoes. In most cases, business dress implies the formal end of men suits. If the invitation simply requests “suits and ties for men”, you could go in a social suit with lighter colours or more elaborate patterns.

Dress casual or business casual

For men, it is preferred that you go in a jacket, though it is not required. In addition, the jacket does not necessarily have to match the pants. The typical dress causal outfit for men is light-to-medium gray khakis with a navy blue blazer. The term casual simply means that a fair amount of flexibility is allowed.

Whatever the event, you must appear stylish through and through. This means getting the right shoes to match your suit. While comfort is essential, properly shined leather footwear in black, brown, or oxblood colours is the way to go.

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