Using your Waistcoat to Make a Style Statement

Make a statement

As much as we believe fashion is about creativity and freedom of expression, there is sometimes a place for structure and order within the process too.

This week we received a question from one of our followers asking whether a waistcoat could be worn without a sports coat or jacket and it made us want to share some of our thoughts on fashion rules and regulations:

Tailor the Recipe

The old adage that says ‘Rules are made to be broken’ is one we all know well. While we wholeheartedly love the sentiment behind this, here at Morts and More, we would add that the rules should be broken in the right way.

Your office dress code may call for a business formal look each day but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with colours or textures. We’ve heard that you should never mix blue with black but we would argue that with the right hues and gradients, these can often complement each other beautifully.

Make a Statement

Going back to the question that was asked – wearing a waistcoat without a jacket isn’t a deal breaker for us – as long as it is done in the right way.

Waistcoats traditionally make up the acclaimed three-piece suit and so it isn’t quite a substitute to the look and feel of the full ensemble. With that in mind we think you can still make an impactful fashion statement with just your waistcoat.

Share your Fashion Faux Pas

We share more about our thoughts on the waistcoat question and more on our YouTube channel. You can watch the latest video below and let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Using your Waistcoat to Make a Style Statement

  1. James says:

    The world is a changing… to misquote Dylan. In the old days, a country gentleman might look very dapper wearing a mixture of tweeds for the jacket, trousers and w’coat. I am rather partial to wearing a different coloured w’coat with my City suits but do you think you can have three different cloths and still be ‘City’ smart? Or do you have to change the trousers or the jacket down a level, jeans or chinos for instance and go more informal? Good to see you back!

    • T. Idaleo says:

      Hi James, thanks for your comment. We’ve been seeing ‘City’ smart soften a lot over the years, from no tie to no jacket. We don’t think its at the stage of 3 different cloths (in one look) yet – if we’re considering the typical formal business meeting look.

      Going more informal would be the move, as we’ve started see a more informal look in order to attract the younger generation into the top companies.

      Thank you, its great to be back! We appreciate your support.

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